Spatial installation

First prize in the invited competition “Kunst am Bau“ (Art on Construction Sites) tendered by KAGES,
Neue Zahnklinik, LKH – Univ. Klinikum Graz, Austria, 2015
Architect: Ernst Giselbrecht

Solar reflectors, wall design, painting

Four specially constructed reflectors make sunlight wander temporarily over a shaded part of the inner courtyard. A white circular mark on the concrete wall of the staircase and the elevator shaft serves as a surface for projections on the outside, and enters a dialogue with the forms of the staircase inside. The title of the project refers to working with the natural circumstances on site – daylight, the seasons, and Earth`s astronomic position in space as third planet out from the Sun. The concept of the graphic pictogram is summarised in the foyer of the dental clinic.

Opening: Spring 2016

Photos: Paul Ott
Video footage and media design consultancy:Tobias Kestel
Press: architektur.aktuell/04/2016


Lichtdesign Gratzel
Lichtunion Andreas Widner
Graphic design Mai Two

Kunstrealisation David Reumüller
Kunstrealisation Richard Stoisser
Metallbau Schmidt
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